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June 25, 2020

This fragrant fennel fronds pesto is a great way of using up otherwise discarded fluffy fronds you find at the top of a fennel bulb. In my case I had lots as my fennel plant has turned into a be...

June 14, 2020

Sometimes quiche can be rich, heavy and a little too much on a sweltering afternoon. This recipe however is fresh and light, filled with peas, broad beans and spinach, with crumbled goats cheese...

December 30, 2019

A fresh and light green omelette with chunky asparagus spears, earthy mushrooms and creamy cambozola. 


  • 2 medium courgettes

  • 200g/7oz asparagus spears 

  • ...

September 30, 2018

These two beautiful, colorful mezze dishes are a wonderful light opening to any Middle Eastern meal or to complement other delicious small plates from lamb kebabs, homemade flatbreadsfatt...

September 4, 2018

This dish named  Mahi-Shekampor ماهی‌ شکم پر  originates from Southern Iran and literally translates to stuffed fish. As per the name, the trout is lovingly stuffed with tart...

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i love  whipping up  dishes from across the world,  mostly inspired by my time living  in jordan and morocco. many of my recipes draw from elements of middle eastern and north african cooking and i delight in introducing friends and family to these unique flavours. 

i  hope you enjoy following my adventures in the kitchen

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