Green hummus with za'atar, peas and edamame beans

April 15, 2020



This is a show-stopping alternative to traditional hummus that will certainly put a spring in your step. As we approach the middle of April and the trees are full of blossom I wanted to make something lighter and a little more vibrant. I used edamame beans for this recipe which I had to hand (in a nifty frozen pack) but you can also use broad beans or just straight-up peas. 






  • 175g of peas, cooked

  • 75g of podded edamame or broad beans, cooked

  • 400g can of chickpeas/butter beans/ canellini beans (white beans make the dip even lighter and fluffier)

  • 1 large garlic clove, crushed

  • 1 rounded tbsp of tahini, this is my favourite brand but most supermarkets sell their own 

  • grated zest and juice of 1 lemon (I tend to keep a bottle of lemon juice from the baking section in the fridge in case I don't have any fresh)

  • 2 tbsp of olive or walnut oil

  • 2 tbsp of chopped mint or basil

  • 2 tbsp of za'atar






  1. Prepare your peas and beans by boiling in salted water for 1-2 minutes or microwaving.

  2. Tip the 75g of peas and the beans into the food processor, add the chickpeas/butter beans or whatever you're using with a little of the water from the tin and blend until smooth. You may need to do this in batches depending on equipment.

  3. Add the garlic, tahini, lemon juice and olive oil, continue blending until smooth and fully mixed.

  4. Season generously and add more lemon juice if needed. 

  5. Sprinkle with the chopped herbs and za'atar then serve.

  6. If you have leftovers, refrigerate but make sure to refresh the hummus before eating each time - simply add a drizzle of olive oil and mix thoroughly, leaving until room temperature. Then dig in with flatbreads or chopped cucumber/carrot. 











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