Simple foraged wild garlic butter

Make the most of nature's larder with this wild garlic butter, a delight to have in the fridge or freezer to serve on top of griddled lamb, basted scallops, toss through fresh greens, roast potatoes or smear onto warm bread. These aromatic, flavourful leaves can be found in grassy banks and woodlands throughout Spring.

This recipe is inspired by ingredients delivered in Forage Box, a subscription service delivering a monthly collection of wild/foraged foods. Forage Box aim to provide home cooks like me with 'snapshots’ of wild flavours and to showcase their potential in the kitchen. From syrups to salts, freshly picked to powdered, juice to jam, their foraged ingredients will delight and surprise you. Find out more information on the subscription and how to sign up here.


  • 150g of unsalted butter, softened

  • 20g of wild garlic leaves

  • 1 tsp flaky sea salt


  1. Wash and dry the wild garlic leaves, then finely chop. It'S important to use a very sharp knife, a blunt knife will mash the beautiful leaves into the board, compromising the flavour and leaving you with an unpleasant mushy texture.

  2. Add the chopped leaves to the softened butter with a large pinch of flaky salt and mix well to distribute evenly. Taste and add more salt if needed
 – the butter is now ready to use if you're cooking with it straight away.

  3. To prepare the butter for freezing, roll the butter into a long sausage, wrap in clingfilm and keep rolling to form neat cling film baton.

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